Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sadness :(

I just found out my neighbor's dog died. She was very old and very sick. Sophie was also a very sweet dog, and so cute too. I saw them take her for a very short walk on Tuesday and then put her in their car and leave and I just had this sinking feeling. So today I saw my neighbor in her yard and decided to go talk to her. She confirmed that they had had to put Sophie to sleep and started crying. I cried too. We talked for some time which was nice. I gave her a hug and told her to come over if she ever felt lonely. It's hard when we lose a loved one, human or animal. Sometimes our pets are all we have. I know I would be devastated if I lost either of my two cats, and I would even be sad if our dog died. My neighbor commented on how she didn't realize how much she loved Sophie until she was gone. Isn't it sad how we can never fully appreciate something until it's gone? I think I'm going to go pet my kitties and tell them I love them.

Rest in peace sweet Sophie  ♥

A New Day

What a wonderful way to start the day! I got to sleep in a little bit, you know why? Ethan woke up, got a toy, and then got back into bed. He *didn't* open his door and whine for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's goal is to either take Ethan (and the dog) to the park, or let Ethan play in the backyard for a while.

I hope ya'll have had a great start to your morning, and if not, take a deep breath, smile (even if you want to cry), and promise to take care of yourself today. Do whatever you need to make today better!  :)

Luvs and Huggies,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Night?

Well, the day started off good, but towards late afternoon I started feeling more and more bummed. I wasn't sure why. After thinking about it for a while tonight I think I figured it out. I spent almost four hours this evening watching tv online. Glee, NCIS, and two NCIS: Los Angeles episodes. I wore my headphones so I wouldn't miss anything (I'm one of those people that has to watch movies with subtitles). But here was my big mistake: Every time Ethan came in and wanted something I blew him off. Nevermind the fact that I could pause the show or watch it after he went to bed. I feel lousy because I neglected my most important treasure, my son. I got upset with him when he interrupted my shows when all he wanted was a little of his mommy's attention and love. Funny how that can negate all the good things that started the day off. So, after lamenting to my hubby he asked me what the old me would do. Then he asked me what the new me will do. It became clear to me that despite my mistake today, I can, and will, do better tomorrow. Because I can. The old me couldn't. The best thing to do when we make a mistake is to learn from it. That may not mean that we never make that same mistake again, but what's worse than making a mistake is making a mistake and not learning from it. So, here's to tomorrow. A new day to try again and try harder.

On a more positive note, I cleaned our downstairs bathroom today. For any of you that have ever had the misfortune of seeing said bathroom you will know that this is no small thing! See, the downstairs bathroom is where we have stuck the cats two litter boxes, food, and water. This room was FILTHY!!!! There were a couple of poop stains on the floor, a small clod of dried poop, a little pool of dried hand soap, and loose litter EVERYWHERE! You needed a hazmat suit to go in there! But, I braved it. I swept the floor, wiped down the sink, toilet, stains, tops of the litter boxes, even the garbage can, and one of the walls. The floor could still stand to be mopped with bleach, but I'm proud to say that one could at least use the toilet if necessary!

I also got two loads of laundry done today. And apparently I even helped inspire someone with yesterday's post.  ^.^  I feel the need to thank everyone who has inspired ME. To all of you, yes you, Thank You for inspiring me.  :)

Luvs and Huggies,

Good Morning!

Hope ya'll are having a fantastic morning! I've got my dance tunes on and despite feeling tired, I'm feeling good! We haven't had as a good a start to our morning as yesterday. Ethan's diaper leaked AGAIN so I have to wash his sheet AGAIN, but it's ok because as I was making his bed last night I realized I should have washed all of his bedding, so now I get to! LOL

Today I'm hopefully going to run to WinCo and get some groceries and watch last night's Glee, NCIS, and NCIS: Los Angeles episodes!

"I simply gotta march my heart's a drummin'! Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade!"

I'll check in with ya later!

Luvs and Huggies!


I'm always waiting to have something to blog about, but I realized this morning that I need to blog about what I have. That's how a lot of my favorite bloggers do it. Rebecca, Angie, Haylie, Dede. Even NieNie, who's blog I read for the first time last night. I also realized something else. One of the reasons we're here is to inspire each other, either to do something, be something, say something, create something, or just to dream. I was inspired to be better when I read Rebecca's post last night. I'm inspired to find the 'super' in myself when I read Angie's blog. I'm inspired by Haylie who loves her life and family so much that she practically bleeds happiness. I'm inspired by Dede who finds something short, sweet, and precious to blog about almost every day, even if it's only a few sentences, but is always accompanied with a picture. And last night I was inspired by NieNie to start blogging about what I have.

This morning, my husband woke me up my favorite way. Little kisses and snuggles and some good old fashioned lovin'. The best way to wake up is feeling loved and wanted.  ^.^  Unfortunately, our son woke up at about the same time and did his morning ritual of standing at his door whining "Mommy!" continuously.  >.<  THAT is my least favorite way to wake up. After calling to him to go play with his toys or read his books his whining escalated to crying loudly, at which point I groaned and said "For the love of Pete, Ethan!" Hubby got up, scolded Ethan, got him some juice, and came back to me. I hate it when we get mad at Ethan, but the morning whining has GOT to stop! Purely for my own sanity!

After Hubby left for school and I showered, I went out to find that Ethan had fallen back asleep! Bliss! A little extra time to myself! Woohoo!!!! It was the perfect opportunity to sit down and write this blog post.

Our day went something like this:

Ethan slept a few extra hours, but his diaper leaked. Hmm...guess it's now laundry day. While Ethan ate breakfast I randomly decided to clean the upstairs toilets. They're now fresh and sparkly white! I rarely clean the toilets (see: least favorite chore) so this was something to be celebrated! With a nap. LOL

Hubby came home in the afternoon and we all just kind of chilled and did our own thing the rest of the day. Ethan had a late lunch of a peanut butter sandwich and I was thrilled! He even asked for it! Getting this kid to eat is like the most epic battle of all time! After putting Ethan to bed we realized we still hadn't changed the sheets on our bed. As we were putting the fitted sheet on our affectionately nicknamed kitten, Stupid, found it to be a jolly good time chasing and attacking the billowing sheet. We ended up putting the fitted sheet on over her and had our own good time watching her run around chasing our fingertips. After a little while we decided we needed to make the bed the rest of the way so we managed to get her out and tried putting the next sheet on. She thought we were still playing and we ended up making the bed up with her between the two sheets. I love that cat.  :)  And no worries, we took her out so she wouldn't suffocate or get laid upon.

Well, this post has taken me all day to write. It's now 1:30am and I promised Hubby I'd come to bed soon. Tomorrow looks to be a bright day and I hope to get a few more things done and run some errands. So for now, bonsoir mes amis. May you all have sweet little dreams tonight.  ^.^

Luvs and Huggies,
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