Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Night?

Well, the day started off good, but towards late afternoon I started feeling more and more bummed. I wasn't sure why. After thinking about it for a while tonight I think I figured it out. I spent almost four hours this evening watching tv online. Glee, NCIS, and two NCIS: Los Angeles episodes. I wore my headphones so I wouldn't miss anything (I'm one of those people that has to watch movies with subtitles). But here was my big mistake: Every time Ethan came in and wanted something I blew him off. Nevermind the fact that I could pause the show or watch it after he went to bed. I feel lousy because I neglected my most important treasure, my son. I got upset with him when he interrupted my shows when all he wanted was a little of his mommy's attention and love. Funny how that can negate all the good things that started the day off. So, after lamenting to my hubby he asked me what the old me would do. Then he asked me what the new me will do. It became clear to me that despite my mistake today, I can, and will, do better tomorrow. Because I can. The old me couldn't. The best thing to do when we make a mistake is to learn from it. That may not mean that we never make that same mistake again, but what's worse than making a mistake is making a mistake and not learning from it. So, here's to tomorrow. A new day to try again and try harder.

On a more positive note, I cleaned our downstairs bathroom today. For any of you that have ever had the misfortune of seeing said bathroom you will know that this is no small thing! See, the downstairs bathroom is where we have stuck the cats two litter boxes, food, and water. This room was FILTHY!!!! There were a couple of poop stains on the floor, a small clod of dried poop, a little pool of dried hand soap, and loose litter EVERYWHERE! You needed a hazmat suit to go in there! But, I braved it. I swept the floor, wiped down the sink, toilet, stains, tops of the litter boxes, even the garbage can, and one of the walls. The floor could still stand to be mopped with bleach, but I'm proud to say that one could at least use the toilet if necessary!

I also got two loads of laundry done today. And apparently I even helped inspire someone with yesterday's post.  ^.^  I feel the need to thank everyone who has inspired ME. To all of you, yes you, Thank You for inspiring me.  :)

Luvs and Huggies,


Super Mom Mom said...

I'm proud of you and the strides you are making. Love you!

Grace Marie said...

"It became clear to me that despite my mistake today, I can, and will, do better tomorrow. Because I can." I love this statement. A lot in life is looking at things differently. It appears as tho the days are the same but your approach to them is changing. This is a wonderful thing to learn. It took me years to figure it all out and is one of the reasons I can find happiness in life's trials. Love you!

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