Sunday, October 17, 2010


I don't know why I keep putting this off. I need to blog. Get it out of my head so maybe it'll stop pounding against it. I need some catharsis. Catharsis or katharsis is a Greek word meaning "cleansing" or "purging". (Wikipedia)

To start, I'll go back to what I should have posted a few weeks ago: My day out with my good friend, Taryn.

Taryn lives about a half an hour north of me and has a daughter just a few months older than Ethan. We all needed a playdate, so Ethan and I packed up and headed up to their house. Taryn and I also both had errands to run so we did them together. We dropped her car off for some repairs and then headed to the mall. Ethan needed pants and socks so we went to Gymboree. I love their kids' socks! The boys' usually are 5 for $10 and they work really well for Ethan. They have non-skid bottoms and they never fall off (by themselves). After that we went to Carters and I bought a nice fall jacket for Ethan, a shirt, and a couple of cute little outfits for Taryn's soon-to-be-born baby boy. I *love* Carters! They always have cheap prices or sales or both! AND I had three awesome coupons! What would have been about $60 ended up only costing me about $20! YAY!

After Carters Taryn and I were both craving this:

New York Cheesecake pancakes at IHOP! OH. MY. GOODNESS. Talk about HEAVEN IN A PANCAKE!!!!!! I think I actually spend a great deal of time thinking/dreaming about these pancakes. See those chunks in the pancakes? Those are chunks of real cheesecake! They don't just make them taste like cheesecake, they put REAL CHEESECAKE CHUNKS IN THEM! Smooth and creamy these pancakes are just to die for! If you have an IHOP near you, you MUST go try them. Seriously. Be prepared to overfill your caloric intake on this one meal though...

After lunch Ethan was acting really tired so we dropped Taryn and Joryn off at home and headed back to our house. Ethan took a nice little nap on the way. Ok, gotta rewind a little bit. Before we went up to Taryn's I had checked the mail. We received two checks. This whole thing made me cry because we were running out of money and didn't know when we'd be getting more. One was from my mom, and one was from hubby's Grandma in Oregon. I felt so touched that they'd felt our need and decided to help us out. So, after Ethan and I arrived back home we picked up hubby and went shopping at WinCo for some much needed groceries. For some reason I can't remember we went to WinCo before depositing the checks. I kept the checks in their filled-out deposit envelope in my purse. We got our groceries, paid, put the groceries in the car, and headed to the bank. It was only when we got to the ATM to make the deposit that I realized the envelope was no longer in my purse. We parked in the bank's lot and I searched frantically all over the car for it. My purse had been sitting next to Ethan in the cart at the store and he had been rummaging through it (even though I'd told him not to). I was really upset by this point and told Ethan if he'd taken it out and dropped it he was going to be in BIG trouble. We quickly headed back to WinCo to see if by some miracle we could find it. It wasn't near where we had parked so hubby dropped me off and I ran in to ask Customer Service if (again, by some miracle) anyone had turned it in. And someone had. It had fallen out of my purse while *I* was carrying it on our way out to the car. Whoever found it was an angel and instead of keeping it (all the information was filled out and could have been deposited pretty easily by anyone) they turned it in. I think the nice lady behind the counter could visibly see the relief in me when she asked for my I.D. and how much the deposit was for. I thanked her heartily and with the envelope grasped firmly in my hands, walked back out to the car. We went back to the bank and deposited it. Returning home I felt extremely blessed, grateful, and tired.

Has anyone ever exceeded your expectations like that? A friend, family member, or even a stranger? I'm so grateful that there are still decent people in the world, even in my city.

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Taryn Sawyer said...

we had fun that day. Thanks.

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