Monday, October 18, 2010

Hubby's Surgery

Do you know what a claw toe is? A claw toe is a claw-like deformity of a toe. Looks something like this:

Or this, in my hubby's case:

It causes pain from rubbing against shoes, and blisters or callouses. So, he had it removed. Three weeks ago today in fact. It was a fairly brief surgery, but we spent a good deal of the day at the hospital doing lots of waiting. (Big thanks to Hubby's grandma and grandpa for taking care of Ethan during that time!) He pretty much took the week off of school since he has to use crutches to get around, and last week was fall break so we had a nice two weeks where he was at home. I tried to be the dutiful wife and do things for him, but most times it was like pulling teeth to get him to let me help him! *Somebody* has a very independent streak!  ;)

This Thursday he goes back in to have the stitches removed and hopefully he won't need the crutches anymore. It was kind of funny, but there was only one person on his surgery team that asked me how I felt about it. Big picture: It's just a toe. He doesn't need it, hasn't needed it for some time. It causes problems. If he's willing to let me get my boobs 'undone' (as I like to say), then who am I to say he can't get a problematic/worthless toe removed?
Little picture goes more like this: EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's going to be a VOID where his baby toe was!!!!!!  It's going to look SO GROSS until it's fully healed!!!!!! *shudder*  I don't want to even LOOK at his foot until it looks semi-normal again!

I literally get the heebie jeebies every time I think about it. Now, if it had been me who'd had the toe removed I'd be morbidly curious about it. Go figure. I'm just weird like that I guess. It's like when I get blood drawn at the doctor's office, I have to watch. I have to know what's causing the pain/discomfort and to know when it's going to end. When the hospital admitted me when I was in labor with Ethan they took me up, got me all settled in, and asked if I still wanted an epidural. I was like "HELL YES! HOW MUCH LONGER DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT?!???" And when the doctor finally came to administer it I wanted so badly to watch him stick that needle in my back, but I was a bit preoccupied with some intense contractions. Probably a good thing too because I'm not sure which hurt worse.....but I'm going to say it was the contraction.

Anyways, here I am going off on a tangent. I will try to post a picture of Hubby's foot once it looks 'normal'. But for now, try not to have too many nightmares of decrepit toes.

Luvs and Huggies!

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