Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The past couple of days I've felt like death warmed over. Not physically, emotionally. I finally realized today what it is. I'm depressed. It's a scary thing to say that. I know it's not like the depressed I used to feel, I'm still able to think clearer than then, but it's still scary to know I'm feeling this way. All I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep, and sleep it off. I have no patience for Ethan and feel distanced from my husband. I know it will go away even though I have that dreaded fear it won't. I just hope it goes away soon.

Goddess temporarily in hiding...

EDIT (wanted to write these down for myself more than anything)
- zero energy
- no patience
- extreme fatigue
- indecisive
- little interest in things
- feel like sobbing
- little appetite
- feeling 'off'
- extreme desire for comfort, whether in clothing, food, smells, affection, or other things

P.S. Tried a drink called Neuro Bliss tonight. It's specifically designed to help with stress and mood. It seemed to help a little bit. Going to pick up more tomorrow to keep around for times like this.


Hubby :D said...

Hey Gorgeous! I know you are having a downer day, but I want you to know that I love you so much! I glad that you have the ability to recognize your symptoms, because that will be a huge player in helping you overcome this battle (battle, not war). Keep going strong, try and get some sunshine today if at all possible, maybe play with Ethan for a little while. These might help. (?) If not, hang in there, and I will be home soon(ish). I love you forever!!!

Marie said...

Thanks honey! I love you too!!!!! ^.^

P.S. I'm feeling much better today

love, rebecca violet said...

Hello!!!! Hope the sky is sending down buckets of sun to you! Also, hang in there! Can't beat what your man wrote- aren't husbands the best?
Just thinking... do you have vitamin B supplements? Sometimes I take four or five a day if I feel like that... if you don't need them your body just pees them out and if it does then it holds on to them.
Also, this summer I had a month where I was really feeling low and guess what? I found out I was Vitamin D deficient! Seriously hard to believe bc I'm always in the sun and take a multi. My doc gave me a prescription of D and whola! Back in the pink!

Also, essential oils help too :)
I love the brand Doterra- they are from Utah. I can send you some if you'd like.

Sorry this is so long.

Thought I'd just tell you what I do when the blues set in- even though you probably know all of this anyway!

Take care!!

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