Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Profound View of Suicide

I read this on a blog post over at Single Dad Laughing and it struck me as SO profound. I hope it reverberates through your soul as it is mine.

"I believe the suicidal urge is a war-cry reverberating from the deepest recesses of one's soul. As it percolates up past the layers, through the adopted filters, and into the exhausted mind of the receiver, the message gets jumbled.
In a world where the emotions are dishonored and simply categorized as either "good" or "bad", the suicidal urge is the most misunderstood of all. Every emotion is vital. Each has a message to relay. They are the pristine communication between our spirits and our bodies. A visceral way to let us know when things are well or when boundaries have been violated. The very foundation of our instincts. And we all-too-often stuff them down or ignore them completely, especially the "bad" ones.
With all my heart I trust that the suicidal urge has an important message to deliver.
A terrifyingly beautiful message: something MUST die....not someONE....someTHING.....a belief or a practice that is so contrary to the beauty and truth of who you are that to keep it would destroy you.
THAT is what must be killed. 
Not you.
Not EVER you."

I know nothing about the poster other than what's on their profile here:

You can also check out the blog post I found it on here:

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Alisha said...

Yes! I love this. So very profound. So how does one find out what that thing is so it can be stripped out? So interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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